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By lottie jackson-eeles, Jul 5 2018 09:11AM

Summer in the city is made all the more better with a bit of culture-soaking. With so many exhibitions to forage and digest in London, it can be hard to make a choice. But have no fear, as my top 5 art show guide will hopefully smooth the way and help with your decision.

Okay, so there are some obvious Summer blockbuster shows that you definitely should not miss in 2018. 'The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Monet & Architecture' at The National Gallery is the big one. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, and a constant flurry of Monet enthusiasts lining up to see his architectural works, you'll need to make your appointment with the master of Impressionism before it closes in late July...

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By lottie jackson-eeles, Dec 4 2017 10:00AM

Interactive playground installation and residual casted sculptures of the everyday. Both the Tate Modern and Tate Britain brings us a rare moment of joy and reflection.

When you come to the City on your travels, you want to immerse yourself in a bit of culture. And London is the city for it. In fact, it's brimming with such abundance of creativity and talent, that you can easily become overwhelmed and intimidated by the choices you must make.

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