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By lottie jackson-eeles, Jul 5 2018 09:11AM

Summer in the city is made all the more better with a bit of culture-soaking. With so many exhibitions to forage and digest in London, it can be hard to make a choice. But have no fear, as my top 5 art show guide will hopefully smooth the way and help with your decision.

Okay, so there are some obvious Summer blockbuster shows that you definitely should not miss in 2018. 'The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Monet & Architecture' at The National Gallery is the big one. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, and a constant flurry of Monet enthusiasts lining up to see his architectural works, you'll need to make your appointment with the master of Impressionism before it closes in late July...

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By lottie jackson-eeles, Dec 15 2017 10:30AM

Winter is upon us! No, I'm not quoting Game of Thrones. This time of year always beckons me to be whisked away to a romantic Wintry, ethereal landscape. No other artist has done this better than Caspar David Friedrich.

Besides this painting being EPIC AS F**K, 'Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog, 1818' evokes a passion we all have to escape the hum drum of life, and to go off exploring. To venture out into the wilderness, explore the unfamiliar and admire a breathtaking view, is something we could all easily be jealous of...

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By lottie jackson-eeles, Dec 4 2017 10:00AM

Interactive playground installation and residual casted sculptures of the everyday. Both the Tate Modern and Tate Britain brings us a rare moment of joy and reflection.

When you come to the City on your travels, you want to immerse yourself in a bit of culture. And London is the city for it. In fact, it's brimming with such abundance of creativity and talent, that you can easily become overwhelmed and intimidated by the choices you must make.

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By lottie jackson-eeles, Mar 27 2017 10:32AM

We all know we have to network to get anywhere in our careers, but how many of us actually do it?

Whenever I hear the word 'Networking' I am always split between two distinct thoughts; how and where do I begin networking, and why do other people make it look so easy? The latter is the hardest to accept, and probably the most common and relatable struggle we have as artists. I don't exactly exude confidence, and I wouldn't necessarily call myself an introverted artist either, but the idea of having to leave the comfort of the studio, the ever reliable pencil and sketchpad, is an increasing dilemma.

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By lottie jackson-eeles, Nov 1 2016 02:00PM

Every artist knows that being visible is the most fundamental factor of your practice. But does that mean you should 'pimp out' your work to every social media site going?

Social media has become a prominent fixture in our lives; a place to shout, engage, discover and share funny cat videos. But with all this social noise it can be a daunting task to understand how to promote your work, or even know where to start.

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By lottie jackson-eeles, Oct 1 2016 12:00PM

An exploration of Edinburgh's creative landscape was a stunning and culturally historic experience not to be missed!

A recent adventure to Edinburgh was one not to be forgotten. My quest began on the mound at the Scottish National Gallery in the centre of Edinburgh, where Old Masters to Impressionists are shown, and where I caught the Drawing Attention | Rare Works on Paper 1400-1900 exhibition (...)

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By lottie jackson-eeles, Sep 13 2016 12:00PM

This years' Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition is yet again a shining example that drawing is well and truly alive!

On a 35 degree hot September evening I attended the Private view, as I'm very proud to once again be selected to exhibit in this truly unique show, exclusive to the practice of contemporary drawing.

Walking through the exhibition as an exhibiting artist, I felt privileged to be amongst works that actively promote what drawing can be, not what it should be. From planks of wood that explored the contours of its material and needle and thread used as a pen to mark cloth, to the sublimely simple act of using ink on paper in a ritualistic and microscopic way. The show indulgently felt like opening up a shiny new tin of Quality Streets at Christmas! The variety (and yes, the quality) makes this a very exciting and very relevant show.

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By lottie jackson-eeles, Jul 1 2016 12:00PM

So you've left Uni and you want to find that perfectly constructed, soul inspiring internship made just for you? Think again.

This isn't going to be a tirade of how bad internships can be, but rather a warning to those who are thinking of embarking on this laborious journey after Uni. One of the most frustrating aspects of graduating, that no one really forewarns you about, is the continuous struggle to find a worthwhile and rewarding internship. But how valuable are they? And do they ever lead to that dream job?

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